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Cal O'Neill C.M.F.T.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the next step to providing your family member with a long, happy, healthy life.

I am a certified canine medical massage & bodywork therapist and a member of I.A.A.M.B./A.C.W.T. (International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork-Association of Canine Water Therapy) requiring a minimum of 100 documented hours of training in animal massage, bodywork and acupressure.

Growing up with pets my entire life, I am a passionate animal lover. I have always believed that we have a responsibility to assist these creatures as best we can. They depend on us to be there for them. Beginning myo-massage therapy 14 years ago on our rescued Black Lab “Missy”, I observed that even at the age of 14 she is just as physically active as a 2-year-old puppy. Researching deeper into Myo-massage, I realized that the daily therapy sessions she has been receiving through the years, have positively contributed to her physically active well-being. Myo-massage aids both healthy and physically challenged dogs.

While studying for my certification and working on my case studies at “Abandoned Pet Rescue Inc” and “Broward County Animal Care & Adoption”, I quickly learned that clinical massage is unique. You must understand biomechanics, thermography, pathology, electrical muscle stimulation, evaluate and treat lameness, take vitals and have a thorough understanding of the canine muscular system. Seeing the positive results of my patients specifically, the reduction in arthritis and hip dysplasia discomfort, as well as reduced recovery time after surgery is a constant reminder of the many benefits that myo massage therapy provides.

In addition to taking on referrals from local veterinarians. I ultimately opened up my own practice "Comforting K9's" LLC providing in home therapy service to all dogs in need in Broward  and Palm Beach County Florida.

For Q&A with Dr. Angelique Barbara also visit me at January's 2020 practitioner of the month by selecting below

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